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In “Keep Calm and Flutter On”, Discord is released once again from his stone imprisonment by Twilight and her friends under Celestia’s orders to reform him, which succeeds after Fluttershy befriends him. Following this, he appears in subsequent episodes as a reluctant ally of Twilight and her friends, occasionally still causing mischief while struggling to become a better friend to them. When asked if Fluttershy and Discord were romantically involved in the future setting of “The Last Problem”, Jim Miller replied that it was “open to interpretation”.

  • Leona also loved singing and playing classic tunes on her ukulele , painting, reading, visiting museums, learning history, traveling to remote places and watching Jeopardy.
  • She and Jim Minger established the Camino Real Region where she served as VRS from 1991 through 2004.
  • It got me out on the internet making friends and learning about myself as a socially isolated thirteen year old.

Thankfully, all is wrapped up by the end of the episode and Twilight ends up becoming an alicorn. Pinkie—who typically is always cheery—even notes during the song that some days will be dark and lonely, but it’s not so bad, and happiness is always waiting on the other side. It’s sharply contrasted by the rest of the episode, in which she tries and fails repeatedly to get Cranky Doodle Donkey, a newcomer to Ponyville, to crack a smile. My Little Pony manages to incorporate songs that are fun, catchy, and easily remixable by the older audience members with the skills to do so.

“Nah, don’t worry ’bout that, hon. We’re over that incident. Just a funny little story to us now.” “Honestly? I think it’d be real dandy. I like the idea of you two. But if you decide it won’t work, nopony’s gonna hold it against ya.” “Yeah, I told her I fancied her and we went on a date or two ‘fore decidin’ to cut it off.” Applejack bucked another tree nonchalantly.

Twilight didn’t just embrace that fact to return any sort of favor. She already knew that she would absolutely cherish having Pinkie be that part of her life. “Anyway, do you need help getting ready? I mean, Pinkie probably doesn’t care what you’re wearing or anything, but maybe I can help with small talk or something.”

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He hosted an annual “Farm Day” for students from Symonds and Nelson Elementary Schools to visit his farm, experience animals, gardening, syrup production, and hay rides. He was often recognized and greeted by young people who experienced these activities and referred to him fondly, as “Farmer Bud”. Here are the members of our family who were in pony club and our highest rating. Bodgie shared her time, knowledge and life-long passion for horses with everyone around her and did so selflessly and tirelessly.

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Nancy fervently wished to have family and friends gather for a celebration of her life at Windridge at a time when people are able to hug. The Chapin family is grateful for the compassionate care and diligence of Dr. Mary Saunders and Dr. Nora MacZura and her excellent team as well as the attentive caretakers from Memorial Home Hospice and Home Instead. Memorial contributions can be made to the Sangamon Experience at UIS or a charity of your choice. Susan was famous for her “Visible Horse” demonstrations and lectures, in which she created the “Anatomy Painted Horse.” As she painted the muscles and skeleton on a Joy Pony live horse, she would explain equine anatomy and function. Perhaps his turgid approach to the game is defined by some of the criticism in those early, ponytailed years. “I am making those people eat their words all the time and that’s one of my great motivations.”

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My bridge is made of copper electrical wire and it’s sewn in. You can also create adjustable ear loops using pony beads. Bend a piece of wire in half and slide the pony bead onto the wire. Slide both ends of the knit tie in between the wire, pull the wire to feed the bead onto the ties. Now you can adjust the ear tie using the pony bead. I have sewn your other styles for my family and they fit well.